Love letter

This letter isn’t really genealogy. It is, however, family history in the true sense of the phrase. I’m going to post it so that I can look at it from time to time.

June 7, 2017

My dearest wonderful Gary,

I am so happy that the silly, superficial sorority girl I once was fell head over heels for that funny, handsome, smart, skinny, black-haired Air Force Academy cadet. I had no idea, of course, how you would turn out, or what sort of wonderful adventures (and trials and tribulations) we would have over the course of a half-century of marriage.

Who knew that you would be a kind, gentle, earth-connected person who talks to doves, whistles at mockingbirds, and reassures undersized fish that they will be OK and back in the water if they will just hold still while you extract a hook? Or the compassionate, empathetic man who weeps every time we visit the Wall; the generous man who gives, as the man in the Bible admonished, to anyone who begs; the patient man who cared for my dying mother in spite of her verbal abuse; and the fiercely principled person who regularly writes intelligent, outraged letters to the ignorant, soulless grifter in the White House who has no regard for the rule of law.

You have also been a loving, supportive husband, father, son and brother. And, on top of all that, you love Paris, London, the theater, history, crossword puzzles, grilled oysters, gardening, genealogy, and fishing. I have no idea how I got so lucky. I do know, however, that I have fifty years of being your partner for which to be grateful beyond measure. I will love you forever.

Happy fiftieth anniversary.


7 thoughts on “Love letter”

  1. Dear Cousin Robin & Gary,

    First, I would like to wish you both a happy 50th wedding anniversary.

    Robin, from your “love letter” to Gary, it would appear the two of you deserve each other in every aspect.

    Your “love letter” to Gary is the most heart felt writing that I have ever seen under your penmanship starting with your first e-mail of Wed 5/2/2007 1:30 PM.

    I am glad that you showed up in May 2007 and am very proud to share a common Lindsay ancestor with you in Nash County, North Carolina.

    Again, my congratulations to you and Gary on your 50th.

    My warmest regards.

    Cousin Ron Lindsay
    San Jose, CA

  2. What a wonderful story of love and devotion. It is truly a gift in this age of trials and tribulations where divorce is an everyday occurrence and also an easy acceptable solution. May we all follow this wonderful example in marriage and in life. Happy 50th Anniversary!

  3. A beautiful tribute to Gary! Your words brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears. Very best wishes for both of you.

  4. I think your letter belongs here for it should belong to the ages. I’m so glad you both found each other for you are each a perfect blend of the other. Having grown up in the same place and meeting each other so young has helped make your bond stronger, but it is the very true love you both feel for the other that has made your union endure. I’m so lucky to know you both, and to be able to laugh with you, and your fun/funny Sons. Happy 50th and onward to 51.

  5. How wonderful to be able to write something this touching about your partner. You chose well. So did he:) Happy anniversary to both of you.

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