About this webpage and blog …

Greetings! We are a pair of amateur genealogists who have been hooked on family history research for more than two decades. We are both originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. Gary is a graduate of the Air Force Academy (B.S., Engineering Management, Class of ’67) with an MBA from UCLA. He was a forward air controller in Vietnam in 1969-70. After that, he had a career in the natural gas pipeline and pipeline engineering businesses in a variety of management and executive roles. I am a graduate of OU (B.A., Economics, Phi Beta Kappa) and the University of Houston (J.D., law review). I worked in the energy business (natural gas pipeline, E&P) for 14 years after we got out of the USAF. My last job in that business was as Director of Economics and Planning for an international oil company. It turned out to be the glass ceiling, and I left to attend law school. We have lived in the Houston area since 1975, so it has become home. We are both retired and enjoying traveling, genealogy, gardening, fishing, activities involving St. Philip Presbyterian church, and writing acerbic letters to the people who purportedly represent us in the United States Congress.

We think this webpage/blog might be a good forum for sharing some of what we know — as well as (1) what we DON’T know (but wish we did), (2) some things other researchers THINK they know about our families (although we think they may be wrong), (3) some plain ol’ raw data we have collected, (4) family ancestor charts, and (5) whatever else strikes our fancy. For starters, here are the families we initially anticipate writing about: ALEXANDER, BUCKLEY, BURKE, BUSBEY, CHADOCK, DEAL/DIEHL, ESTES, FISHER, GRAVES, LINDSEY, MARTIN, OAKES, ODOM, PATTON, POWELL, PERRYMAN, RANKIN, RIVERS, SENSOR, STUBBS, TRICE, WILLIS AND WINN.

There is one strange aspect of this website that we have been unable to remedy. It makes navigation and finding articles a real pain. For example, if you go to the menu and click on “Articles” and then the subcategory “Rankin,” you will be redirected to a page in which ALL of the Rankin articles on this site are shown one after the other, starting with the most recent. As a practical matter, this means that you have to scroll through page after page of footnotes at the end of Rankin Article #1 before getting to Rankin Article #2. If you found this website via a search engine, you were probably directed to a specific article, so this might not be an issue. If, on the other hand, you are just checking out what is available here on the Rankins, I’m afraid you will either have to use the “search” function or keep scrolling until something catches your eye. Hang in there!

Meanwhile, happy hunting … NOBODY has more fun than genealogists do!
Gary Noble Willis & Robin Rankin Willis