Willis DNA Project … Maryland Group

There are currently about 300 participants in a Willis DNA project. Eleven of those participants are known through Y-DNA testing to descend from John Willis d. 1712 of Wantage in Dorchester County, Maryland. Below is a chart indicating some of John’s descendants. Nine of the current Y-DNA participants are descended from the first seven legs of this chart. The other two do not yet have a paper trail specifying from which of John’s four sons they descend. Currently, none of the participants are from the last two branches, John’s sons Thomas or William.

Willis Y-DNA Chart


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    1. Jeff Willis has created a better version for tracking the results of DNA testing that I will post soon. His chart shows the relationships proved by Y-DNA testing and those derived from autosomal “family finder” tests.

  1. What happened to this link???
    Every time I try to open it I get a Pharmacy page? Any ideas…..

    Status Reports – the Willis DNA Project
    http://www.willisdna.com › …
    In 2007, DNA testing proved that Jarvis Willis, born 1758 in Dorchester County, Maryland, was related to the Dorchester County patriarch John Willis Sr.

    1. Trish,

      I have notified Dave Willis who runs the dna site to see if he can solve the problem. Clearly, someone has messed with his site to redirect clicks to their benefit.

      Hope Dave can fix it because we link to his DNA site probably more than once. I would hate to have to delete the link.

      Thanks for letting us know

      Gary Willis

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