Will the “correct” David Rankin of Franklin Co., PA please stand up?

I told my husband at breakfast one day that I was working on an article to correct bad information about some Rankins in the Pennsylvania Archives 5th Series.

He put down his fork, arching his eyebrows. “Are you kidding me? You’re taking on the Archives? That’s practically sacred scripture among Pennsylvania family history researchers.”

“Well,” I said (yeah, I realize this sounds prissy), “the Archives has confused two men named David Rankin who were contemporaries in the late 1700s – early 1800s.”

“So,” said Gary, “who would care, anyway?”

“Hmmmm,” I temporized, “perhaps descendants of either of the two men? Or someone who is trying to track early Rankin families around, as I am doing? Perhaps people with D.A.R. or S.A.R. aspirations? One of these two men was a soldier in 1780, but the other was too young.”

“You realize you will receive a dozen comments from people saying there are ‘many online trees’ showing you are wrong?”

I dug in. I’m not a Scots-Irish Rankin for nothing. “You’re undoubtedly right,” I responded, “but I’m writing the article anyway.”

Here ‘tis. It includes (1) a very brief chart, (2) the misinformation in the Archives, (3) the bottom line, (4) the argument supporting the bottom line, and (5) some additional information about this family just for fun – including the only photo I could find of a descendant. What’s not to like about a handsome man in an old-timey baseball uniform?

(1) A brief Rankin family chart

Let’s start with a short outline descendant chart to put the two Davids in their family context.

1 Adam Rankin was the immigrant ancestor in this Rankin line. The two David Rankins who are the subject of this article were his grandsons. Adam’s wife was Mary Steele Alexander, widow of James Alexander.[1] Adam’s 1747 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania will named his sons James, William, and Jeremiah, and a daughter, Esther Rankin Dunwoody.[2] This article deals with only James and William – fathers of the two Davids.

2 James Rankin, son of Adam, died in 1795 in Montgomery Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. James’ wife was Jean, whose maiden name is unproved so far as I know. His will named their sons William, Jeremiah, James, and David #1, and two daughters, Esther Rankin Smith and Ruth Rankin Tool.[3]

2 William Rankin, son of Adam, died in 1792 in Antrim Township, Franklin County.[4] His wife was Mary Huston, daughter of Archibald and Agnes Houston.[5] William named seven sons and one daughter in his will: Adam, Archibald, James, William, Betsy, David #2, John, and Jeremiah.

I will refer to these two David Rankins by number because it helps me keep them straight. David #1was a son of James d. 1795, Montgomery Township; David #2 was a son of William d. 1792, Antrim Township.

(2) What the Pennsylvania Archives got wrong

Here’s the bad information the Archives provides about one of the two David Rankins. Only the boldface text is wrong; the rest is correct.

 “David Rankin is shown in 1780, as a private under Captain William Smith. The will of David Rankin of Montgomery Twp., was dated 1829 and prob. 1833. He names wife Molly and two children, James and Betsy. To Mary Elizabeth Sellers, only child of daughter Molly, who had married Alexander Sellars, Oct, 7th 1824.  Miss Molly L. McFarland of Mercersburg stated the above David was the son of William Rankin of Antrim Township who died 1792.”[6]

(3) The bottom line

No, the David Rankin whose will was proved in 1833 was not David #2, son of William Rankin of Antrim Township. With all due respect to Miss Molly L. McFarland, the man the Archives describes was David #1, son of James and Jean Rankin of Montgomery Township.

Here are the key factors for telling the two Davids apart: age, wife’s identity, and – the pièce de résistance– location.

(4) The argument

Age. Although the law or custom varied from time to time, men were typically required to serve in the militia beginning at age sixteen. Sometimes boys served as early as 13.[7] Thus, the David Rankin who was a private in 1780 was probably born by 1764 and definitely no later than 1767. According to county tax lists, David #1, son of James and Jean Rankin, was born no later than 1767-68.[8]

On the other hand, the family Bible in Flossie Cloyd’s material establishes that David #2 was born in 1777. He was definitely not the man who was a militia private in 1780. Strike 1, Archives.

FYI, here is information from the family Bible listing the birth dates of all eight children of William and Mary Huston Rankin. In case you wish to track any of them, I’ve added enough information to tell you where to look.

  1. Adam Rankin, born March? 10, 1762. Adam first appeared on the Franklin Co. tax list in 1782, identified as a doctor. He inherited land in Westmoreland County that his brother Archibald sold for him.[9] Adam moved to Henderson County, KY, married three times, and had a large family. He was the grandfather of Confederate Brigadier General Adam “Stovepipe” Johnson[10] and the ancestor of a Rankin who is (or was, at one time) the chairman of the board of Churchill Downs.[11]
  2. Archibald Rankin, born April 10, 1764, married Agnes (“Nancy”) Long. He remained in Franklin County his entire life. Records from the Upper West Conococheague Presbyterian Church record his death on June 24, 1845 at age 81.
  1. James Rankin was born April 20, 1766. He moved to Centre County along with his brothers William, John, and Jeremiah. He may have died between 1820 and 1830. I’ve found no evidence establishing his children or his wife’s identity.
  1. William Rankin (Jr.) was born Nov. 5, 1770. He moved to Centre County, married Abigail McGinley and then Susannah, possibly Huston. He died in Centre County.[12]
  1. Betsy Rankin was born Oct. 13, 1774.
  1. David #2 Rankin, one of the subjects of this article, was born Feb. 5, 1777.
  1. John Rankin was born May 1, 1778 and died Apr. 22, 1848.[13] He moved to Centre County with his three brothers, married Isabella Dundas in 1804, and died in Centre County.[14]
  2. Jeremiah Rankin, born Nov. 26, 1783, married Sarah Whitehill. The date is confirmed on his tombstone in Centre County, PA.[15]

Wife’s identity. Based on his will, the wife of the David Rankin who died in 1833 was named Molly, maiden name unproved. I have found no deeds or other records identifying the wife of David #1. We have better luck with David #2. Deeds conclusively establish that he was married to Frances (“Fanny”) Campbell, daughter of Dougal (Dongal/Dugald/Dugal) Campbell.[16] In case there is any lingering doubt, the Rankin family Bible says that Frances Campbell and David #2 were married on June 13, 1799.  In short, Molly’s husband was David #1. Strike 2, Archives.

Location is a great tool for establishing family connections. An 1818 Franklin deed from James Rankin (brother of David #1) to Jacob Kline conveyed a tract in Montgomery Township. Part of the tract was devised in 1788 by James Rankin Sr. to his son James Rankin (Jr.), the grantor in the 1818 deed – so we are certain that the deed deals with the line of James Rankin Sr.[17] The conveyed tract was adjacent to David #1. The deed thus proves that David #1 owned a tract adjacent to Jacob Kline in Montgomery Township at some point. And …

    • In the 1830 federal census for Montgomery Township (three years before David #1 died), David Rankin was listed adjacent Jacob Kline, grantee in the above deed.[18] He was the only David Rankin listed in Montgomery in the 1830 census. His census profile “fit” the family of the David Rankin who died in 1833.
    • David Rankin’s 1829 will, proved in 1833, referenced his Montgomery Township tract adjacent Jacob Kline.

Bottom line: the David Rankin who died in 1833 was David #1, son of James Sr. and Jean Rankin, and not David #2, son of William and Mary Huston Rankin.

(5) A few more facts

Some genealogists believe that David #2 went to Greene County, Tennessee.[19] Not so. Instead, he and his family went from Franklin to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, then to Allen County, Indiana, and finally to Des Moines County, Iowa. David died there. His wife Frances apparently died before they reached Iowa.[20]

While he lived in Franklin, David #2 attended the Presbyterian Church of the Upper West Conococheague,”[21] as did his brother Archibald.[22] On the other hand, David #1 and his brothers were pew holders in the Welsh Run Presbyterian Church, also known as the “Lower Conococheague” Church.[23]

The Upper West church kept baptism records, although they are evidently incomplete.[24] The four youngest children of David #2 are listed: Frances Rankin (baptized 9 May 1814), David Huston Rankin (28 Apr 1817), Archibald Rankin (10 Oct 1819), and Adam John Rankin (13 Feb 1822). In light of David #2’s entry in the 1820 census (seven children in the household), you would expect other children. [25]  Indeed, the family Bible, Westmoreland County deeds, and other records prove nine children:

    • Elizabeth (Betsy) Rankin, b. 3 Feb 1803, never married.
    • Martha C. Rankin, b. 22 Nov 1805, married Mr. Sweeney.
    • William Rankin, b. 6 Jan 1807, married Martha Jane Gray.
    • Mary C. or H. or E. Rankin, b. 6 Feb 1809, married James Bruce.
    • Dougal C. Rankin, b. 10 Apr 1811, married Mary Johnson.
    • Francis Rankin, b. 1 Jan 1814, married James Waddle.
    • David Huston Rankin, b. 14 Mar 1817, married Mary A. Oliver.
    • Archibald Rankin b. 1 Aug 1819, married Lydia Blair.
    • Adam John Rankin, b. 29 Dec 1821, apparently never married.

David #2 and his family left Franklin between 1827 and 1830.[26] They are listed in Westmoreland County in the 1830 census and in Iowa Territory in 1840.[27] The 1850 census in Des Moines County shows David as age 73, born in Pennsylvania.[28] He is buried in the Round Prairie Cemetery in Des Moines County.[29] Adam John Rankin and Dougal/Dugal Campbell Rankin are also buried in the Round Prairie Cemetery. Archibald Rankin is buried in the Kossuth Cemetery, also located in Des Moines County.

The family Bible also names the children of Archibald Rankin and Lydia Blair: (1) Elizabeth Jane Rankin m. William B. Reed, (2) Margaret F. Rankin, and (3) Martha C. Rankin.

Finally, here is the image of the baseball player: Dougal Wylie Rankin. He was a son of John William Rankin and Jennie S. Wylie. John William was a son of Dougal Campbell Rankin – a son of David and Frances Campbell Rankin.[30] That is a fabulous shirt …

And that’s it from me on the two David Rankins, grandsons of Adam and Mary Steele Rankin.

See you on down the road.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

[1] For evidence establishing that Adam Rankin’s wife was Mary Steele Alexander, see this  article.

[2] Lancaster Co., PA Will Book J, Vol. 1: 208, will of Adam Rankin dated 4 May 1747, proved 21 Sep 1747.

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[18] 1830 federal census, Montgomery Township, Franklin Co., household of David Rankin, 0000101-000010001 adjacent Jacob Kline. There are two people age 20 < 30 in David’s household, as we would expect: his daughter Molly was already married when David #1 wrote his will in 1829. The age category for the eldest male is clearly erroneous. He should be in the same age category as the eldest female, age 60 < 70 (born in the 1760s), if he was a militia private in 1780.

[19] See, e.g., https://npgallery.nps.gov/GetAsset/29dbc658-cdcc-4f12-8c30-8dc877e7fdb4. Please be advised that this application for historic site designation contains several Rankin history errors and unproved assertions.

[20] See the article about proof for this family in this article.

[21] The creek and church name were spelled Conococheague or Conogogheaue, among other variants.

[22] The Upper West church records show Archibald’s marriage to Agnes Long, as well as his death date. Recall that David and Archibald each inherited a part of their father William’s “Mansion Place,” so they originally lived next to each other. See Franklin Co., PA Will Book A: 256, will of William Rankin of Antrim Township devising 200 acres “off my Mansion Place” to son Archibald, and “the old Mansion place,” 300 acres, to his son David #2. You would expect both brothers to attend the nearest Presbyterian church.

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[25] David #2 was then living in Peters Township and is listed as age 26 < 45 (born 1775 – 1794). There were seven children in his household, including 1 male and 2 females age 10 < 16 (born 1804 – 1810), plus 3 males and one female under age 10 (born 1810 – 1820).

[26] David #2 and his wife Frances executed a deed in Franklin Co. in Oct 1827, see note 17. He did not appear in the 1830 census for Franklin.

[27] 1840 federal census for Iowa Territory, Des Moines Co., David Rankin, age 60 < 70 (born 1770 – 1780).

[28] The 1850 federal census listing in DesMoines Co. for David Rankin’s household includes Dugald Camel, 30, b. PA, and Frances Camel, 14, b. Indiana. Given the spelling perversions one finds in the census, they were probably Dugal (or Dougal) Campbell and Frances Campbell.

[29] Here is a link to his  findagrave posting.

[30] Dougal Wylie Rankin, b. 7 Jan 1889, d. 12 Oct 1850, Eugene, Lane Co., OR. Buried in West Lawn Memorial Park . See 1910 census, Lane Co., Oregon, J. William Rankin, wife Jennie W., sons Dougal, Byron L. and Boyd, and daughter Frances E. Rankin; 1870 census, Des Moines Co., IA, D.n C. Rankin, 58, with David, Hezekiah, Sarah and John W. Rankin

15 thoughts on “Will the “correct” David Rankin of Franklin Co., PA please stand up?”

  1. This is great Work, I keep following hoping that you might find more info on Rutherford Rankin. Thank you very much.

  2. Robin
    I was so excited to see your email today and although it’s not the article I was hoping for about Lt. Robert Rankin it was still a very good article and I enjoyed reading about your search. Thank you for your good work.
    Michael Rankin

    1. Michael, I’m still working on Lt. Robert! I’m not sure that puzzle can be solved — or, if it can, it needs records from King George Co. When life returns to something like normal, I’m heading to the KGCo hourthouse. Family Search hasn’t made KGCo records available online.

      Lt. Robert is a fascinating research project. Next article, I hope, even though I will not have been able to access King George records. Hang in there! If you have any ideas, send an email.


  3. Robin, Excellent update of your original note! Your reference to the “Rankin Bible” but expressed as “Bible Record, of birth, possessed by Rev J A Reid of Opelousas, Louisiana” appears as a Source in “rankin taylor” tree of jeanrankin at Ancestry.com. This Source (as nothing more than that short note) is attached to most of the children of Wm Rankin & Mary Huston, but also presumably (not mentioned) as source of the given exact birth dates of their son David’s children. All of your dates are the same that jeanrankin gives. Do you have any more information on this Bible? Is a transcription of this Bible’s genealogical data available for general consumption?

    1. Ralph, thanks for the comment and the good question! The lesson I should learn is to look on Ancestry from time to time. It’s just … you know … Ancestry trees are my bête noire.

      All I know about the Bible is what is available in Flossie Cloyd’s materials from Ron Rankin. Rev. Rankin said he had the Old Testament, but not the New Testament. I cannot recall whether Rev. Rankin’s letter provided the provenance of the Bible or its publication date. Unfortunately, Rev. Rankin wrote to Ms. Cloyd in the 1950s, when xerox and scanning weren’t widely available. He provided the birth information as a list and something akin to a chart. Not in the form you usually find in family Bibles.

      Rev. Rankin’s letter and his list/chart can be found on Tape (or Film) No. 643-7 of the Cloyd tapes. I have the utmost admiration for my friend Ron Rankin, who apparently patiently slogged through all eight tapes, probably some 8,000 pages. Ms. Cloyd’s materials ARE available for general consumption, but obtaining them isn’t easy. My understanding is that you can get them from on microfilm from the TN State Library and Archives, which you can then convert to CDs if microfilm isn’t your preferred viewing option. If you decide to call TSLA to investigate, would you please let me know what you learn?


  4. I think I’ve solved the mystery of previously unknown wife Molly of David #1 as well as children of his son James (no luck yet with descendants of the daughters Betsy and Molly). These 3 kids are those mentioned in the Will of David #1 (along with David’s wife Molly), proved 5 feb 1833. These kids “fit” (as you say) not only the 1830 fed census of Mont. Twp but remarkably also 1800, 1820, and even 1810 when they were temporarily in Fannett Twp with bro James and family. That all three kids were born ~1800 is consistent with these censuses. Of 273 sheeple’s trees at Ancestry.com, only two show these kids (and no further): one with no sources and the other copied from the first.

    A year ago I noted in [Wolf] that 3 old Rankin homes in “The Corner” (i.e the valley between Cove Mtn and Two Top Mtn SW of Mercersburg where David #1 and bros Wm, James, and Jeremiah had inherited land originally warranted to their grandpa Adam) occupied by S. Johnston Rankin, J. Watson Rankin, and J. Harvey Rankin were still standing in 1953. The lines for brothers Johnston and Watson are well-known thru father James Clark Rankin and grandfather Jeremiah. I tentatively made a wild guess on lineage Harvey -> James b. 1800 –???—James b. 1780 –> Wm and left it at that.

    A couple of days ago I revisited these Rankins when I looked at maps [1858] and [1868] and located the houses of Johnston, Watson, and Harvey (i.e. marked J. Rankin, presumably Harvey’s pa). I noted the the will of Harvey’s pa (proved 10 apr 1879) had witnesses Jacob Martin and S. J. Rankin, both shown nearby J. Rankin in [1858] and [1868]. So big deal: neighbors–not necessarily relatives–were witnesses. Then I discovered from the 2 jun 1913 newspaper /Public Opinion/ (Chambersburg PA) that Harvey was executor of estate of Mary Watson Rankin, dau of Watson Rankin. So surely Harvey must be more closely related than my tentative connection.

    In searching around out of the blue popped up [BFra]. Recall this was one of the major sources for your 1 jun 2019 blog “How many Jeremiah Rankins..”, which I’d studied extensively. It hit me that the David Rankin (shown incorrectly with the last four kids of David #2) had wife Mary Watson—could this be Molly? So it seemed that a better connection of Harvey and Jeremiah’s descendants might be the Watsons (Eliz Watson is wife of James Clark Rankin). In searching for Watsons I stumbled on [5SF] which showed that Eliz’s aunt Mary had married James Rankin of Mercersburg. So it seems that [BFra] got right that David #1 m. Mary ‘Molly’ Watson (the crucial piece of the puzzle) in spite of the Jeremiah Rankin confusion, while [5SF] was close but the wrong brother.

    Here’s more verification that crucial piece is correct:
    (1) Harvey is a double 2nd cousin once removed (MRCA James Rankin Sr==Jane ?Campbell, MRCA Col James Watson==Eliz Long) of Mary Watson Rankin, thus genetically equivalent to a 2nd cousin: more in keeping for her Executor.
    (2) In the 1850 Fed Census of Mont Twp, there is an Elizabeth Rankin age 55 (b. ~1795) living in the household of 8 year old Harvey (along with his sis Mary and his bro David). Surely this is Harvey’s aunt Betsy.
    (3) Also in that Census there is a John Watson age 49 in the household. The 26 may 1874 Will of John Watson has bequests to Mary dau of James Rankin, as well as David and J. Harvey Rankin. This guy seems to be the 1st cousin of Harvey’s pa. Indeed this would be the case if Mary ‘Molly’ Watson’s bro Hugh’s son John Watson is our man [5SF]. This requires further research.
    [Wolf] Reprint: /Early Hist & Gen of the Anderson-McCullough-McCune Families and Related Lines/: Wolff Sketch by Elizabeth Brubaker Wolff, 1953 [/sites.google.com/site/andersonmccullohmccune]

    [1858] 1858 Franklin Co, PA Map, Riley & Hoffman (Greencastle) [www.loc.gov]

    [1868] 1868 Montgomery Twp, Franklin Co, PA Map, Pomeroy & Beers [www.historicmapworks.com]

    [BFra] /Biographical Annals of Franklin County, Pennsylvania/, Volume I (Chicago: The Genealogical Publishing Co., 1905), p. 126-28.

    [5SF] /Five Typical Scotch Irish Families of the Cumberland Valley/ by Mary Craig Shoemaker, p. 29-31 [www.electricscotland.com]

  5. Slight correction to my 17 june 2021 post: Mary Watson Rankin is NOT the daughter of John Watson Rankin. It seems that John Watson Rankin had two daughters but they died young. I got carried away and didn’t check that I’d copied this info from someone’s tree and hadn’t gotten around to verifying (Shame, Shame on me!) Regardless, this erroneous info got me thinking on the right track to discovery. But who is this Mary Watson Rankin???

  6. Here’s a follow-up on David Rankin m. Mary “Molly” Watson: The Mary Watson Rankin, for whose estate J. Harvey Rankin was executor, was in fact his older sister! The two are the sole occupants in a household on S. Main St, Mercersburg in both 1900 and 1910 censuses (how did I overlook this?) So she seems to be named after her paternal grandma Mary “Molly” Watson: which fact replaces the “(1)” bogus verification argument in my earlier “Thought”.

    John Watson Rankin, it turns out did have a daughter Mary Watson Rankin after all [shown to be buried 1871 (age 5 months) in Fairview Cemetery, Mercersburg with her father—Betsy Rohrer, Franklin Co Cemetery Collection]. She and her sister May (or Maymie) McKnight Rankin [just May included in her father’s Will proved 1 april 1872] are the two infant daughters mentioned in [BFra].

    As far as I’ve determined, the line of David and Molly Rankin stopped with two still-born infants at the 6th generation. On the other hand the line of his brother Jeremiah is live and well (I have DNA matches with several of his descendants). But are David’s original home (passed down to J. Harvey Rankin) and Jeremiah’s (passed down to S. Johnston Rankin) still standing in “The Corner” today? Likewise J. Watson Rankin’s place.

  7. And yet another followup: I now have primary evidence that James (pa of Harvey) is the son of David #1.

    (1) Will of David (bro of Harvey) [Franklin Co Will Books Vol H-I, p. 434: Ancestry.com] reveals their father James deeded his land to sons David and Harvey 24 july 1872: recorded in Vol 52, p. 299.

    (2) This 1872 Deed [Franklin Co Deeds: Family Search] includes a precise survey (which I painstakingly converted to a map) of 117A bordered by S. J. Rankin to N, Jere Rankin to W, George Bricker to E, “Upper Farm” to S. This establishes that the northernmost “J. Rankin A.122” is definitely our James as those are precisely the neighbors shown [1868]. David and Harvey also inherited 33A timber to SE of this tract.

    (3) Deed of 1 Sept 1853 [Franklin Co Deeds, Vol. 31, p. 503: Family Search]: some Elizabeth Rankin sold 122A to some James Rankin. The converted map shows that this must be the “Upper Farm” mentioned earlier. Indeed the southern “J. Rankin A.122” on map [1858] is consistent with James Rankin to N, Jacob Martin W of upper part of tract, David Mowrey W of lower part of tract, James Rankin’s mountain land E of lower part, and corner post of Jacob Kline (J. Klyne [1858]) to the NE. But the Deed clearly states that Elizabeth was bequeathed this land in the Will of her father David of 6 jun 1829!

    (4) Finally the Will of David Rankin [Vols D-E, p. 250: Ancestry.com] bequeaths his real estate to James and Betsy: James to get the “lower half” of cleared land next to the creek, and Betsy to get the other cleared part [“upper half”] (the demarcation being the corner of J. Kline’s land) plus timberland to E of Elizabeth’s land to be equally divided.

    The lesson is that I was sloppy first time around in recording info from the two Wills and omitted the crucial info that led to discovery of the land descriptions. In such situations Will summaries (unfortunately, all that some resources provide) and Deed indexes (by themselves) are useless. Not to be ignored are the maps [1858] and [1868] which tie everything together.

  8. Hello! I’m hoping the author of this blog will see this message and/or perhaps others can give some insight. I am trying to research an ancestor named “Lydia”. She was born in Pennsylvania in about 1810. She first married to a Samuel Fisher and had children Mary Jane Fisher (1830), Margaret Fisher (1832), and Thomas Lee Fisher (1834). Samuel and Lydia moved to Des Moines County, Iowa in about 1835 and the family is listed in the census of Des Moines County, Iowa in 1836 (a John Ranken is also listed in this census), they then had children William Rankin Fisher (1836), John Rankin Fisher (1842), and James Henry Fisher (1848). Samuel died sometime shortly after Oct 1850 and Lydia remarried John Starkey 26 Oct 1850 in neighboring Lee County, Iowa. Lydia and her children eventually moved to California and Lydia died as “Mrs Lydia Starkey” in Gilroy, California 31 Dec 1882. I’ve visited her simple wooden headstone regularly, the last time being just a couple of days ago.

    My thought is, since she named two of her sons with the middle name of Rankin, that this may have been her maiden name. So your David Rankin and family, also being from Pennsylvania and moving to Des Moines County, Iowa around the same time, is intriguing. However, on the other, it seems clearly that all of David’s children are accounted for an there is no missing Lydia. I’m wondering if you might know how the mysterious “John Ranken” is in the 1836 census for Des Moines County, perhaps a brother or 1st cousin to Davis? If so, could my Lydia have been his daughter or other close relative to this family?

    Thank you for any insight you might be able to provide.

    1. Dale, that’s an intriguing puzzle. Let me dig into some of my data and see what turns up. Right off the bat, I don’t know who the John Rankin in the 1836 Iowa census might be.

    2. It didn’t take long for me to come up empty. I did a spotlight search on all my files for Lydia Rankin, and for Fisher (no first name). No results. There are John Rankins and William Rankins as far as the eye can see across southern PA from east to west, so that those names are a fruitless pursuit. Sorry I couldn’t help.

      1. Thank you for trying. I think that John in Des Moines is going to be my key. I’ve searched the Wills and probate in the counties your Rankin’s are from but nothing is standing out so far. Will keep digging.

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