The Rankin book, whatever its title might be …

The thing I have been calling The Compleat Book of Rankins for the past year somehow transmogrified into The Compleat Rankin Book upon publication. How did I miss all those cover proofs, etc.? Library of Congress stuff?

Whatever the heck its title might be, Lulu Publishing has a sale through Friday the 8th. 10% off. I was frankly surprised to find that anyone would buy one, given my offer to send copies at my expense to local genealogical/historical societies and libraries. Several people have done so, despite the fairly steep price. If there is anyone else out there with such inclinations, do take advantage of Lulu’s sale.

Use the discount code SUMMER10.

Happy Fourth of July, y’all!



2 thoughts on “The Rankin book, whatever its title might be …”

  1. Hi Robin: I don’t think my Rankin line is included in the book, but I ordered a copy anyway. Looking forward to reading your work!
    My 4th GGfather was James Rankin B. 1783 in Rankintown , NC (now Gaston County?). His son was William Rufus Rankin of Lincoln County (Now Gaston).

    Love your blog!
    Sarah Smith Maxwell

    1. Sarah, your line IS in the book. And we are distant cousins! Our common ancestors are Samuel and Eleanor (“Ellen”) Alexander Rankin of Lincoln/Gaston.I once corresponded with a very nice Rankin man in your line. His father’s picture was in a book I found in the Charlotte Library. He looked so much like my father I found his son via email. I will figure out his name as soon as I can access my family tree software again! And thank you for the kind words.
      Cuz’ Robin

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