Samuel Rankin (abt. 1734 – abt. 1816) m. Eleanor Alexander: YDNA Evidence

In August and September 2016, I posted a two-part article about the possible family of origin of Samuel Rankin (nicknamed “Old One-Eyed Sam”) of Rowan, Mecklenburg and Lincoln counties, North Carolina. His wife was Eleanor (“Ellen”) Alexander. I just reread the posts. They were tedious, prolix, and packed with trivial information of no possible interest. I apparently have an unattractive propensity to beat dead horses. Moreover, Y-DNA information on the issue has come to light which moots most of one post.

Here is their replacement. It just cuts to the chase re: discredited theories about One One-Eyed Sam’s possible parents.

Rankin researchers have had two main theories about the identity of Old One-Eyed Sam’s parents:

Theory #1 – Joseph and Rebecca Rankin of White Clay Creek Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware (1704-1764) . Two of their sons who belonged to the same generation as Old One-Eyed Sam moved to Guilford County, NC. The primary source for this theory is Rev. S. M. Rankin’s 1931 book, The Rankin and Wharton Families and Their Genealogy.[1]

Theory #2 – Robert and Rebecca Rankin of Guilford County, North Carolina ( “R&R”). Before migrating to North Carolina in the mid-1750s, Robert appeared on the 1753 tax list for West Nottingham Township, Chester County, PA.

Y-DNA testing conclusively proves that both theories are dead wrong.

Here’s a bit about the DNA evidence.

The Y-DNA evidence re: Theory #1

There is a Rankin DNA Project which provides (anonymously)  members’ Y-DNA results online.[2] One member – call him Joe – has a solid paper genealogical trail proving he is descended from Joseph of Delaware. I located another proved descendant of Joseph of Delaware via conventional paper research – let’s call him “Mr. X.” Joe convinced Mr. X to Y-DNA test. Mr. X and Joe are 37-marker matches with one mismatching marker. Genetic genealogists call that a “37-marker match with a genetic distance of one” (or “GD=1”).” That is a darn good match. Furthermore, the two men descend from different sons of Joseph of Delaware so their close match isn’t a function of having a recent common ancestor, such as a great-grandparent. Joseph of Delaware is their common Rankin ancestor.

With two closely matching Y-DNA samples and two solid paper trails, there is a high degree of confidence that Joe and Mr. X provide a good picture of the Y-DNA of descendants of Joseph of Delaware – as well as those who aren’t his descendants.

The Rankin DNA project has four members[3] whose paper trails prove them to be descendants of Old One-Eyed Sam and Eleanor Alexander Rankin. None are a match – not even remotely close – to Joe. Y-DNA evidence thus proves conclusively that Old One-Eyed Sam cannot be a son of Joseph of Delaware.

The Y-DNA Evidence re: Theory #2

 The Rankin DNA Project has four participants whose genealogical paper trail shows they are descended from R&R, Robert and Rebecca Rankin of Guilford. None of them are a Y-DNA match with descendants of Old One-Eyed Sam. Again, the Y-DNA results are not even close. Old One-Eyed Sam therefore cannot be a son of Robert and Rebecca of Guilford, either.

Case closed. We must apparently find a matching Rankin on the other side of the Atlantic to learn more about Sam Sr.’s family of origin.

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[1] Rev. S. M. Rankin, The Rankin and Wharton Families and Their Genealogy (Greensboro, NC: J. J. Stone & Co., printers and binders, 1931, reprint by Higginson Book Co., Salem, MA).

[2] was formerly the host website for the Rankin DNA Project. World Families deleted all of their websites in May 2018 when the European Union Privacy Act (the GDPR) took effect.

[3] The Rankin DNA Project had four members descended from Sam and Eleanor as of April 2019.