Query: Ann Winn Webber of Northam Parish, Goochland, VA

A recent comment on a Winn post on this blog asked the following (lightly edited):

“I am wondering if you, or anyone else reading this blog, might have run across an Ann Winn who married William Webber III on 1 August 1764 in Goochland County, Viriginia. The marriage is recorded in the Douglas Register. The family seems to have resided in St. James Northam Parish, where William Webber died in August 1794. William Webber III and his wife Ann Winn had at least the following children: Philip (named for William Webber III’s father), Benjamin, John, Mary , Keturah, Susannah Winn, Charles, William IV, and Archer. I’ve also seen a son named Archibald attached to this family, although Archer and Archibald may be the same person. Ann Winn Weber is sometimes identified as a daughter of John Winn and Mary Pledger of Hanover County, but my impression is that their daughter Ann was married to Nathaniel Holman and no one else. Any information, thoughts, theories, or suggestions on who this Ann Winn was and where she fits in the Winn family would be much appreciated. Thanks.”

OK, Winn experts, please weigh in! Either post a comment on this blog or communicate directly with Jeff Duvall, who is looking for this information, by email at jduvall@iupui.edu. Sissy? Bill? Anyone?

Hope this gets some results! Thanks in advance …


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  1. Ann Winn is my 6th great aunt, born 1734. She married Nathaniel Holman Sr in 1760 at St Paul Parish, Hanover Virginia, according to Family Data Collection. Ann was the daughter of John Winn and Mary Pledger of Hanover County, who were my 6th great grandparents.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Teresa, thanks for your comment. I’m not familiar with the “Family Data Collection.” Is that something publicly available, or is it a private collection of information? Also, does the Family Data Collection have a citation or other record evidence supporting the fact that Ann Winn Holman was a daughter of John and Mary Pledger Winn? Just curious … thanks in advance for any additional info!

      1. Hi Robin,

        The Family Data Collection comes from Bibles or journals that have been handed down in a family and show up form time to time on Ancestry, because someone has taken the time to enter the data.

        Also, does the Family Data Collection have a citation or other record evidence supporting the fact that Ann Winn Holman was a daughter of John and Mary Pledger Winn? No, not that I seen so far. There exist other data on Ancestry to support Ann Winn was John and Mary Pledger Winn’s daughter. Are you on Ancestry?

        Kind Regards,

        1. Teresa, thanks for your response, I appreciate your help! Bibles are a wonderful source, I’m glad to learn about it. Yes, I subscribe to Ancestry, despite the fact that many of the trees posted there just make me roll my eyes. Is there a way to go straight to the Family Data Collection, or do I have to trip over a tree that cites to it?

  2. I searched the Ancestry site for information on Family Data Collections and couldn’t find an ‘official’ statement on what is included, but I did find:
    “The Family Data Collection records were created while gathering genealogical data for use in the study of human genetics and disease. Compiling data for genetic research does not require the same type of documentation as traditional genealogical research. The genes themselves verify relationships and qualify or disqualify a person from a particular study. Citing the source of every genealogical fact in the electronic gene pool was deemed unnecessary and cost prohibitive by medical researchers. Millions of individual records were created from birth, marriage and death records; obituaries; probate records; books of remembrance; family histories; genealogies; family group sheets; pedigree charts; and other sources. The records collected that did not fit a specific study became the project’s “by-products” and were schedule to be discarded. After viewing the quality of the source material used to create the gene pool and despite the absence of cited documentation, the electronic rights to the data were purchased, rather than see it destroyed.”
    You can see the entire conversation at https://support.ancestry.com/s/question/0D51500001vaPFbCAM/family-data-collection

    1. Marcia, thanks for the link! Sounds as though citing “Family Data Collection” carries about as much weight as citing someone else’s family tree. LOL …

  3. Robin, I am just now seeing this posting. Right now, I have no information about Ann Winn Webber, but next week, I plan to be doing some Winn digging, and will see what I can find. I hope to find something to help Jeff.

  4. Per, “The Mysteries in the History of Winn’s Baptist Church”:

    445. Ann Winn, married Nathaniel Holman of Henrico County, First Lieutenant in the Revolution, and son of Henry and Mourning Holman. In 1790 he owned land and slaves (D.B. 3:322). His wife survived him and was a widow in 1807 (D.B. 8:323).

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